Special cable for energy production

Dynamic developments with best features

Customized special cable solutions for energy production

The wide range of ever-growing special requirements in the field of energy requires cable with high-quality wire, insulation and jackets. HEW-KABEL offers you a wide range of solutions for applications in temperature range from – 273 °C to + 1550 °C.

Our materials are convincing due to their exceptional chemical and mechanical resistance, as well as their excellent electrical characteristics.

They are also specifically engineered: cable construction, the selection of materials and the production process are designed individually for each solution to ensure the design of the cable optimally meets your requirements. To meet all national and international requirement profiles, we provide corresponding classifications for our cables. These include VDE, UL, CSA, KEMA, combined VDE, UL and CSA approvals, W-16878, W-22759, Germanischer Lloyd, DEMKO, NEMKO, SEMKO and VG approvals. Take advantage of our special expertise within a wide range of applications, which you can also read about in our Energy & Industry Brochure.

We will happily provide you with a tried-and-tested solution and jointly develop a cable design that is optimally adjusted to your specific demands and requirements.