Special cable for medical technology

HEW-KABEL: Pacemaker of medical technology & miniaturization

Special cable solutions for medical technology

HEW-KABEL produces special medical cables for a wide range of applications. Major fields of application are, among others: electro surgery and medical monitoring systems. Electronic scalpels enable the surgeon to make precise cuts with limited blood loss. SpO² sensors measure the saturation of the blood oxygen. The individual cable solutions are also used for imaging procedures and image processing such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or (video-) endoscopy.

The technical needs in this special field require manageability of the cables as well as reliability and sterilization (steam, chemical). Cables made by HEW-KABEL fulfil the requirements to an optimum. The cable design, the materials and the manufacturing process guarantee high mechanical flexibility, tensile strength and at the same time a small cable size. These properties provide freedom of motion to the user, which is essential for crucial applications in the medical industry.

Particular requirements such as biocompatibility (cytotoxicity) according to EN ISO 10993-5 and sterilization procedures (wet/steam sterilization (autoclave) and dry heat sterilization) as well as an application-optimized surface feel are also taken into account.

Customized solutions: HEW-KABEL actively assists you in the development and construction of cables for medical equipment. We will design the qualified cable that will meet your needs and expectations.