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HEW-Silindo® – the biocompatible cable with the hygiene-plus enhancement

Ultra-rigorous hygiene in medical and sensor technologies is a crucial quality factor for the cables used here as well. HEW-KABEL has specialized in these ultra-sensitive applications, and offers hygiene-optimized solutions featuring state-of-the-art insulation materials. The portfolio now includes a silicone-insulated cable that eliminates the unwanted stick-slip effect. The surface does not get “sticky”. Dirt particles are reliably repelled.

HEW-KABEL is located in Wipperfürth, and offers second-to-none qualitative excellence made in Germany. The cables produced by this tradition-steeped company are tailored down to the tiniest detail to the needs of medical and sensor technologies. As cable insulation, for instance, HEW-KABEL offers both the standard silicone mixtures and also biocompatible recipes in conformity with DIN EN 10993-5. These innovative options are not only biocompatible, however: they are also halogen-free and will not emit any gaseous fission products. In addition, these cables offer persuasive excellence in terms of tear-resistance and mechanical strength. The silicone cables have been approved for a variety of different sterilization methods. They can be autoclaved for at least 400 times, and can also be sterilized using gamma rays and ethylene oxide.

Silicone haptics lastingly improved

Besides the biocompatible silicone mixtures, HEW-KABEL also offers silicone-insulated cables with an improved surface for minimized sliding friction. This unique silicone insulation meets all the requirements for mixture properties (not least in conformity with DIN EN 10993-5). At the same time, the conventional silicone haptics have been lastingly improved. The result: no more stick-slip effect. Unwanted dirt particles will no longer adhere to them. The requisite surface property is retained 100% even after several hundred autoclave cycles. And this although there is no foreign material present in the mixture or on the surface. Oil exudation is accordingly precluded. Besides the biocompatible silicone insulation, the HEW-KABEL product portfolio also includes FPM insulations in conformity with DIN EN 10993-5. This material’s haptics naturally resemble fluoroplastics, and it provides excellent resistance to tearing, notching and abrasion. The highly fluorinated FPM type, moreover, ensures optimum resistance to chemicals. These cables can be autoclaved at least 400 times, and also sterilized using ethylene oxide. Even numerous sterilization processes will not alter their original mechanical characteristics.

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