Flat cable

Highly flexible PTFE flat cable lines

HEW flat cable: highly efficient cable installations with extremely low bending radii

The most varied range of applications require cable solutions that permit extremely low bending radii and highly-efficient cable designs. With its laminated PTFE flat cable lines, HEW-KABEL offers flexible and space-saving lines with low net weight that nevertheless can withstand the highest stresses.

Their range of applications are in medical and microsystem technology, military, the aerospace industry, control technology and engineering, robotics and the automobile industry.

From single, symmetrical flat flexible cables right up to complex hybrid designs, HEW-KABEL develops innovative and individual flat cables coordinated to the requirements of the customer. Hybrid construction allows a multifunctional combination of the most varied elements in a cable in order to transfer, e.g. energy, data. signals, gases, liquids or light simultaneously within a flat flexible cable.

Additional information is also contained in our Flat Cable Flyer.

We will happily provide you with a tried-and-tested solution and jointly develop a cable design that is optimally adjusted to your specific demands and requirements.