HEW-Micro miniature cable

The smaller the object, the higher the requirement

Miniature cable – up to half as thin as human hair

HEW-Micro is going to produce miniature cables as small as 56 AWG and coaxial cables as small as 46 AWG. What is hardly visible to the eye, absolutely packs a punch: The cables have an extremely small diameter and are therefore space-saving. At the same time they are extremely flexible and possess outstanding properties. Electrical and mechanical characteristics can be ensured by using high-tech materials such as special alloys and insulating materials. Particular requirements such as biocompatibility (cytotoxicity) according to EN ISO 10993-5 and sterilization procedures (wet/steam sterilization (autoclave) and dry heat sterilization) as well as an application-optimized surface feel are all given careful consideration when designing an HEW-Micro cable.

The range of applications requiring custom cable solutions includes highly sensitive ones such as minimally invasive surgical techniques and other innovations in medicine and sensor technology. To name a few examples from the field of electrosurgery and patient monitoring systems: electrical scalpels enable the surgeon to make precise cuts with limited blood loss; SpO² sensors measure the saturation of the blood oxygen. The customized miniature cables are also used for imaging procedures and image processing such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or (video-) endoscopy.

All Micro solutions are made with highest accuracy and utmost care to meet the high demands. Quality, reliability and security: This is what HEW-Micro stands for.

Advantages of the production area at a glance:

  • Know-how, precision, and product safety
  • Individual machines and manufacturing methods
  • High-tech materials
  • Competence in handling innovative materials
  • Application-specific designs and cable properties
  • Best-practice solutions
  • Low volumes