Silicone cable

HEW silicone compounding: silicone cable for customized requirements

Silicone cable - temperature-resistant, flame-retardant and flexible

Thanks to its own silicone compounding, HEW-KABEL offers a wide range of the most varied silicone mixtures in addition to the normal standard mixtures in order to meet customized requirements. These include high-temperature resistant, notch resistant, flame-retardant, high-voltage resistant and autoclavable mixtures.

Silicone cables from HEW-KABEL are characterized by their high resistance to heat and cold while providing constant physical features. This also includes weather resistance, ozone resistance and age resistance, and good resistance to UV and radioactive radiation.

We will happily provide you with a tried-and-tested solution and jointly develop a cable design that is optimally adjusted to your specific demands and requirements.