Teflon™*- & Tefzel™* cables

High-tech materials with a wide temperature range

PTFE, PFA, FEP and ETFE cable

The generic terms Teflon™*- & Tefzel™* cables refer to high-quality insulation and jacket materials that cover a very wide temperature range (-190 °C to +260 °C). Additional characteristic features of these materials are excellent resistance to chemicals and other aggressive media as well as exceptional electrical and mechanical characteristics.

HEW-KABEL primarily uses the 4 materials listed in the following for the insulation and jacketing of lines and cables:


PTFE: Temperature range: -190 °C to +260 °C

            Best chemical resistance as well as very good electrical and mechanical characteristics

            Processed by banding and extrusion


PFA: Temperature range: -190 °C to + 260 °C

            Material characteristics similar to PTFE

            Processed by the extrusion method

            Provides benefits in the production of cables with large cross sections.


FEP: Temperature range: -100 °C to + 205 °C

            Processed using the extrusion method.


ETFE: Temperature range: -100 °C to +150 °C

            Very good chemical and mechanical characteristics

            Processed using the extrusion method.


In addition to the materials mentioned above, HEW-KABEL has numerous other thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplasts and a wide variety of special materials in its range of products.

We will happily provide you with a tried-and-tested solution and jointly develop a cable design that is optimally adjusted to your specific demands and requirements.

*Teflon™ / Tefzel™ are registered trademarks and a brand names owned by Chemours.