Expertise & Raw Material

INNOVATIONS are rigorously prioritized at HEW-KABEL and have always provided invaluable impetus for developing future-proof technology and processes.

Production competencies

Due to high vertical integration (in-house wire mill, galvaniser, bunch stranding and silicone compounding at our affiliated company SiC Compound) as well as through special patented manufacturing processes e.g. our specially developed PTFE tapes (HEI-Tape®). HEW-KABEL has everything needed to produce individual, customer-specific cable solutions.

Our customers are working in different markets and the product-specific requirements for our cables are accordingly diverse. Whether it concerns a temperature resistance from -273°C to +1550°C, the minimisation of the weight of the cable or an extraordinary mechanical capacity, HEW-KABEL has or is going to develop a solution!

In doing so we supply our project customers with small quantities as well as our contract customers with several kilometres of cable per year.

A Commitment to Competence

One crucial element in our innovative vigor as an enterprise is our superb MATERIAL COMPETENCE.



  • Braidings made of galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire plus polyaramide (Kevlar®) and polyester


  • Films: PTFE, polyester, HEI-tape®, laminated aluminum, copper and polyimide (Kapton®), special materials
  • Tapes: glass fiber, mica, nonwovens

Insulation and Sheath Materials

  • Fluoropolymers
  • Silicone rubber
  • Elastomers
  • Thermoplastic elastomers
  • Special thermoplastics
  • Inorganic materials
  • Fluorinated rubber
  • Cross-linked materials
  • Thermoplastics
  • Film insulations: HEW-FILO®therm


  • Folien: PTFE, Polyester, HEI-tape®, kaschiertes Aluminium, Kupfer und Polyimid (Kapton®), Spezialwerkstoffe
  • Bänder: Glasseide, Glimmer, Vlies

Isolations- und Mantelmaterialien

  • Fluorpolymere
  • Silikonkautschuk
  • Elastomere
  • Thermoplastische Elastomere
  • Sonderthermoplaste
  • Anorganische Materialien
  • Fluorkautschuk
  • Strahlenvernetzte Werkstoffe
  • Thermoplaste
  • Folienisolationen: HEW-FILO®therm


  • 2 bis 120 Adern in Lagen- bzw. Paarverseilung


  • Kupfer blank, verzinnt, versilbert oder vernickelt
  • Alloy, Reinnickel, Thermo- und Ausgleichswerkstoff
  • Leiterquerschnitte von 0,00012 mm² bis 500 mm² / AWG56 bis AWG4/0

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