On the Safe Side:

Getting the Temperature Right

Modern-day heating systems are able to function to optimum effect with our special cables. We make sure that even inside explosion-hazard zones or when exposed to adverse environmental factors like aggressive chemicals and high thermal stresses, the heating systems are still function flawlessly.

Fluoroplastics, such as PTFE, PFA or FEP, are well suited for use in these conditions, thanks to their high thermal stability and excellent resistance to chemicals. High flexibility is assured by the use of silicone up to an operating temperature of 180 °C. In cases involving higher thermal stress, glass fiber cables from HEW-TEMP can be used.

  • Screw-in heating elements
  • PTC heating elements
  • High-performance heating cartridges
  • Spiral heating cartridges
  • Thermocouples and resistance sensors

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