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Made in Germany

New technologies and requirements demand optimized cabling solutions. As a special cable manufacturer, HEW-KABEL offers not only common standard products, but predominantly special cable solutions. Our products are developed and perfected specifically for your requirements. Based on many years of experience and countless innovative advancements, our wide portfolio of cable concepts is continually expanding. This allows for cost-effective and quickly adaptable individual solutions that can be developed for every requirement.

As an introduction to our extensive product world, take we have provided an overview of our cable spectrum below. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you do not find your solution there.

We are certain that there is no cable that HEW-KABEL have not yet produced or can develop for you.

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Heating Cables & Pipes

Frost protection, temperature increase & temperature maintenance

The classic fields of application for heating cables are frost protection, temperature increase and temperature maintenance.
Modern connection systems simplify the application of electrical heating systems on pipes and vessels - even inside explosive, and hazardous areas.

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Hybrid Cables

Efficient, flexible and easy to install

Instead of using different components individually, HEW hybrid cables enable a multifunctional combination of different elements within one product. This means that energy, optical and electrical data, signals, gases, or liquids can be transmitted simultaneously in one specially designed cable solution. Be it medical technology, robotics, or other industrial applications - the HEW hybrid cables impress with their efficiency, ease of assembly, and flexibility!

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Sensor Cables

Precise signal transmission even in harsh environmental conditions

As a specialized cable manufacturer, HEW-KABEL has adapted to these changing conditions with custom-fit cable concepts and material combinations. Sometimes the temperatures exceed the 260-degree Celsius mark and are exposed to aggressive mediums. In other areas, very small signals must be transmitted in a way that ensures reliable control.

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Flat Cable

HEW Flat Cable: Highly efficient cable assemblies with extremely small bending radii

Many applications require cable solutions to have an extremely low bending radii and highly efficient cable construction. With the laminated PTFE flat cables, HEW-KABEL offers flexible and space-saving cables with low dead weight that can still withstand the highest loads.

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High-Voltage Cables

Special cables for powerful transmission

HV cables from HEW-KABEL are extremely flexible, exceptionally temperature-resistant and can withstand high mechanical loads. The wide range of possible cross-sections makes it possible to utilize them for a wide range of applications.

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Miniature Cables

Miniature Cables -in some cases half as thin as a human hair

HEW-Micro develops and produces application-specific cables with cross-sections up to AWG 56 and co-axial cables up to AWG 46. What is almost invisible to the eye is quite extraordinary. HEW-KABEL ensures significant functions such as low-noise and highly flexible cable designs through the use of high-performance materials and special alloys.

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Heat Resistant Cables

Special cable solutions up to +1,550°C

Special properties of high-temperature and heat-resistant cables include high temperature resistance, good mechanical strength and high aging resistance. KABEL differentiates between two product groups in the field of high temperature cables.

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Highly Flexible Cables

Highly flexible cables for a wide range of applications

Whether for data transmission, energy supply, signal transmission or as hybrid cables with joint functions - highly flexible cables from HEW are used wherever moving consumers are connected and/or only limited space is available.

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Medical Cables

Pacemaker of medical technology & miniaturization

Examinations and treatments using innovative medical technology are essential for everyone’s personal health. Thanks to the latest technologies, our doctors can detect pathological changes particularly early and can treat these changes effectively. In this context, medical cables perform numerous tasks, some of which are lifesaving.

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Your individual cable is close by

We look back on more than 50 years of experience as a specialized cable manufacturer. That is why we can confidently say that there is hardly any application area for which we have not yet developed and produced a cable.

This is why we are your ideal contact to fulfill your cable requirements! Both in terms of solutions as well as by means of customized new product designs. Let our experts advise and inspire you with our innovative and high-quality special cable solutions!

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