Sensor Cables

The world is growing more connected and smarter. Sensors are part of the technological basis and are used wherever physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, force, acceleration or filling level are electronically measured, tested, monitored and automated. The sensor measures an actual value and forwards it to a data processing system via a sensor cable. 


A prerequisite for the absolute reliability of the overall system is the quality of the individual components. For example, the measurement results of the sensors must be transmitted through the sensor cable to the processing system without interference. 

Smart Everything – Smart Everywhere!

Smart Industry, Smart Home, Smart Car. There is hardly an area in which sensors are not used.

This is why you find sensor cables and sensor lines from HEW

  • In process control
  • In mechanical and plant engineering
  • In robotics 
  • In the oil and gas industry
  • In wind turbines
  • In vehicles 
  • In aerospace engineering
  • In railway technology and
  • In many other industrial, medical or scientific institutions

Sometimes the measuring lines are exposed to temperatures of more than 260 °C and aggressive media, in other areas the challenge is to transmit very small signals that can nevertheless be reliably evaluated and thus enable secure control. As a manufacturer of specialised cables, HEW-KABEL has adapted precisely to these changing conditions with custom-fit cable concepts and combinations of material. 

Sensor Cables
Sensor Cable flexible

Flexible and Reliable in All Areas

HEW develops and produces application-specific sensor cables for measurement and control technology.
We manufacture our cables to the highest standards and ensure compliance with standards, safety regulations and manufacturer specifications.

Flexible and robust solutions ensure that measurement data and signals are transmitted loss-free
safely and reliably – no matter what the environment.

Depending on the application and the requirements, our sensor cables are resistant to:

  • Mechanical effects such as bending, friction, vibration and torsion
  • Liquids, oils, greases, chemicals, disinfectants
  • Heat and/or cold
  • Flames, flying sparks
  • Electromagnetic disturbances
  • Effects of environmental factors, e.g. UV radiation

HEW sensor cables ensure excellent signal quality – even in adverse environments
Our solutions are...


  • Resistant to tensile and alternating bending stress
  • Resistant to torsion
  • Resistant to temperature
  • Chemical and oil resistant


  • Optimum conductor cross-sections
  • Small bending radii
  • Space and weight saving
  • Highly flexible
  • Easy to install and position


  • Safe insulation resistances
  • Equipped with excellent EMC compatibility
  • Equipped with excellent data and signal transmission

The Right Solution for Every Application

As already mentioned, sensor cables are needed in all kinds of industries these days.
Therefore, we can only present a small excerpt of possible areas of application on this site.

However, due to our excellent material competence and patented manufacturing processes, we are able 
to create sensor cables for almost any task and according to your requirements.

Please get in touch with us. We love to answer your questions.

Example Solution for Pipeline Monitoring

Pipelines are used for the safe and effective transport of liquids or gases. To avoid incidents and ensure smooth operations, the transport systems must be monitored and regularly maintained. 

HEW offers optimal solutions for monitoring wells and pipelines in the oil and gas industry. Media and temperature resistant material combinations of fluoropolymers and FPM (Viton™) combine economy with optimal function. Shielded silicone cables with increased mechanical strength.

HEW-SENSE® PTFE connecting cable
TEHCTE-Cu vs/vs 4 × AWG30
Resistance at 20°C:  max. 349 W/km
Test voltage (Ueff):  2.0 kV AC (wire/wire)
1.5 kV AC (wire/braid)
Operating voltage (Ueff): 250 V AC
Weight:      16.8 g/m
Bending radius: 7.5 x D (fixed installation)
15 x D (free movement)
Temperature range:   -90°C to +200°C

Example Solution for Temperature Monitoring

The measurement of different temperature ranges in different ambient conditions, immersion depths and application areas requires a wide variety of sensors for temperature monitoring

For temperatures from 80°CC, HEW enables the safe connection of, for example, temperature sensors, resistance thermometers (e.g. Pt100, Pt1000), level sensors or temperature limiters, by utilising combinations of fluoropolymers, elastomers or glass silk elements.

HEW-SENSE® FEP connecting cable
TEHTE- Cu vz 3xAWG 22 (19x0.161 mm) K
Resistance at 20°C:  max. 52.2 W/km
Test voltage (Ueff):  4.6 kV AC (spark test)
2.0 kV AC (wire/wire)
Operating voltage (Ueff): 600 V AC
Weight: 30.7 kg/km
Weight: 7.5 x D (fixed installation)
15 x D (free movement)
Temperature range: -100°C to +180°C

Example Solution for Temperature, Force and Pressure Sensors

HEW offers customised material combination options and special cable designs that enable the safe connection of temperature, force and pressure sensors. Even under extreme conditions, media and temperature-resistant PTFE connection cables, for example, ensure reliable data transmission (low noise).


HEW-SENSE® PTFE/silicone(EWKF*)/FPM line
TEHSICR - alloy vs/vs 2x2xAWG 24 (19x0.127 mm) E
Resistance at 20°C:  max. 90.6 W/km (conductor)
max. 8.7 W/km (braiding)
Test voltage (Ueff):  2.0 kV AC (wire/wire)
1.5 kV AC (wire/braid)
Operating voltage (Ueff): 600 V AC
Weight:      123 kg/km
Bending radius:      7.5 x D (fixed installation)
15 x D (free movement)
Temperature range: -20°C to +180°C

*TTPNR= Tear, tear propagation, notch resistance
Longer service life than conventional silicone cables under harsh operating conditions

User-Cases of Our Sensor Cables


Designed for continuous operation under the toughest conditions, flexible robotics cables from HEW withstand all mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses.

Wind power

For use in wind turbines, we develop flexible hybrid cables which our subsidiary robotic solutions assembles ready for use. 


Highly efficient and flexible cables with bend-resistant designs ensure above-average reliability and mechanical resistance.