High-Voltage Cables

As a leading expert on technology and innovation for automotive manufacturers and system suppliers, HEW KABEL specializes in the development and manufacture of high voltage cables for electric mobility.

Our HV cables are extremely flexible, extraordinarily temperature-resistant and mechanically highly resilient. The wide range of possible cross-sections makes possible a variety of many different applications.

For Vehicles with Electric or Hybrid Drive

HEW high voltage cables are used wherever vehicles rely on electric drives, for example. Starting with electrically powered two-wheelers, cars, buses and fuel cell vehicles, our high-voltage-resistant cables can also be found in trucks, agricultural vehicles, industrial trucks and construction vehicles.

High voltage cable e-car

Fully Charged into a Secure Future

HV cables fulfil various tasks in electric and hybrid vehicles. As charging cables, they connect the charging station to the battery and continue from there to the electric motor. In parallel, large consumers such as air conditioning, heating, battery heating are also operated with high voltage.

High-voltage cables from HEW guarantee the optimum and safe distribution of high voltage to all relevant components and electrical consumers in e-vehicles. Each cable is precisely matched to the vehicle type and the ambient conditions.

We therefore offer you ...

High-voltage lines ...

  • As single-core and multi-core cables
  • Shielded and unshielded
  • with diameters from 4 mm2 to 240 mm2
  • As round or flat lines

Construction of cables according to ...

  • LV 216-1 (unshielded cables) 
  • LV 216-2 (shielded cables)
  • International standards (Europe, USA, Asia)
  • Individual OEM specifications

For voltage classes ...

  •  600 V AC/1000 V DC
  • 1,000 V AC/1500 V DC

Higher voltage classes are feasible any time on request.

Power Potential

The high-voltage systems of most electric vehicles today operate at an electric potential of about 400 volts. A look at the current further developments towards greater everyday utility and increased efficiency reveals that 800-volt technology is becoming more and more important. This means that inside electric vehicles, there is enormous electrical power. To be approved for the market, they must therefore be intrinsically safe. This requires that persons must be completely protected against contact with the high-voltage system and arcing in order not to be exposed to any electrical hazard. 

HV cables must therefore be particularly resistant to mechanical, thermal or chemical influences to prevent damage to the outer insulation.


Integrated Protective Braid As A Miracle Weapon

Our HV cables can optionally be produced with a specially developed protective braid. High-performance fibers in the outer sheath protect the cable from thermal, mechanical, electrical and chemical influences. This achieves a demonstrably 5-fold higher abrasion resistance and ensures a significantly longer functional life. Another positive effect is that other surface protection, such as corrugated tube, is no longer necessary. 

Materials in Our High-Voltage Cables

Special cable designs with optimised insulating materials guarantee ideal and safe distribution of high voltage to all relevant components and electrical consumers in e-vehicles.

Highly flexible copper cables

Highly flexible cable constructions to exceed the required bending radii 
and to achieve an individual installation space architecture.

SIR compound (Silicon Rubber Compound)

Extraordinarily high quality silicone compounds with superior temperature protection.

Fibre-reinforced LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber)

Optional integrated protective braid to increase abrasion resistance fivefold.

Use Cases of Our High-Voltage Cables


HEW's special heat-resistant cables withstand all mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses under the toughest conditions.

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Wind power

We develop torsion- and temperature-resistant specialty cables for use in wind turbines. They are assembled ready for use by our subsidiary robotic solutions.

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Hybrid connection lines for dental equipment or dental chairs combine electrical connections, water supply or air supply, for example through built in PFTE hoses.

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