Heating Cables

Heating cables are always necessary when systems or materials need to be protected from the cold or when production processes require certain temperatures.

For these purposes, HEW offers a wide range of heating cables, heating lines and pipe trace heating systems for a wide variety of applications. By converting energy into heat, our heating cables primarily protect fluid-carrying lines from frost. Our heating cables are also able to maintain constant temperatures in heat engineering processes.

HEW Heating Cables - Guaranteed to Maintain the Right Temperature

Whether under harsh environmental conditions, high temperature loads, aggressive chemicals or even within potentially explosive zones - heating cables from HEW safely ensure the functioning of your heating systems!

Typical applications of our self-heating cables are for example:

  • pipelines
  • the process industry
  • mechanical engineering and plant construction

HEW Heating Cables - to Ensure that Everything Goes According to Plan

With the help of our flexible heating cables, a constant heating power can be supplied along pipelines, machine parts, equipment, or materials. These cables are also used to keep water-carrying pipes in industrial environments frost-free and protect machines or equipment from damage and breakdowns.

In addition to maintaining the temperature of piping systems, our heating cables are ideal for creating stable thermal process conditions. Heating cables compensate for heat losses and prevent unwanted cooling of materials that are difficult to re-melt once hardened.

Inside the pipelines, our unique pipe trace heating systems ensure smooth movement by maintaining a specific interior temperature at all times.

Heating Cables From HEW Are


  • flexible and bending resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • chemical and oil resistant

Temperature resistant

  • Silicone cables up to +180 °C
  • PFTE, PFA, FEP cables up to +260 °C in continuous operation
  • PFTE cables switched off up to +300 °C


  • excellent heating performance
  • constant functional efficiency of heating systems even under extreme conditions
  • safe application in potentially explosive environments

Special Materials for Special Environments

HEW designs and manufactures custom-fit heating cables for each application and optimal performance., For example silicone, offers particularly high flexibility for applications with operating temperatures of up to 180 °C. Fluoroplastics, such as  PTFE, PFA or FEP, are suitable for difficult conditions due to their high temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance.

high-temperature glass silk lines can also be used for extreme temperature stresses.

The Best Material for Every Cable

The materials used by HEW-KABEL ensure ideal functioning of the heating systems - even under extreme operating conditions.


Silicone is halogen-free and characterized by high temperature resistance combined with permanent flexibility.


Perfluoroalkoxyalkane (PFA) – which can be thermoplastically processed – is suitable for application temperatures of up to 260 °C. It has excellent corrosion resistance to weathering and chemicals, and high notched impact strength.


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is extremely resistant to temperature and chemicals, has good electrical insulating properties and excellent weathering resistance. At the same time, PTFE also impresses with well notched impact strength and anti-adhesive behavior.

The Right Solution for Every Application

Our heating cables are required for a wide range of applications. Therefore, we can only present a small selection of possible solutions here.

However, due to our excellent material competence and patented manufacturing processes, we are able to realize heating cables for almost any task and according to your requirements. Whether halogen-free, chemical-resistant or self-extinguishing - tell us your individual requirements and we will develop the best solution for you.

Please get in touch with us. We are happy to advise you.

HEW Heating Cables for Hazardous Areas

Explosion protection is a key issue in many industrial manufacturing areas. Our heating cables meet the requirements of the ATEX directive and can be used in all potentially explosive atmospheres (dust / gas).

HEW-THERM®90-PTFE/TPK-PE-Heating Cable – shielded
TEYCY- WM (1.8 – 200) Ω/km 300/500 V LT-XPI
Resistance at 20°C:            (1.8 – 200) Ω/km
Test voltage (Ueff): 3.0 kV AC / 1 min. (core/braid)
Nominal voltage: 300/500 V AC
Bending radius: 7.5 x D (fixed installation)
15 x D (free movement)
Temperature range:            from -50°C to +90°C
briefly up to +110°C

HEW Heating Lines for SCR Technology

To reduce harmful emissions, most newer diesel vehicles are equipped with an SCR system that runs on AdBlue®. To ensure that the system functions at temperatures below its freezing point, the lines where AdBlue® flows are heated.

Flexible and chemical-resistant resistance cables from HEW-KABEL are specially designed for permanent contact with AdBlue®.

HEW-FEP/TPE-U-combination cable
TEHY-WM 2x280 Ohm/km (7x0.18 mm) SW + GN + 1xPA-tube 4 mm
Resistance at 20°C:

280 Ω/km (+10/ -5) %
on 1 m tube (coiled) (334 – 387) Ω/km

Test voltage (Ueff): 1.5 kV AC
Nominal voltage: 300/500 V AC
Bending radius: 7.5 x D (fixed installation)
15 x D (free movement)
Temperature range: from -40°C to+90°C
briefly up to +180°C