Medical Cables

Examinations and treatments with innovative medical technology are an important prerequisite in maintaining our health. Thanks to the latest technologies, our doctors can nowadays detect pathological changes early and with enough precision to treat and monitor the disease. In this context, medical cables perform numerous tasks, some of which are absolutely vital.


Medical Cables

The highly sensitive devices and hygienically demanding environments place special requirements on the cable design. In addition to the ability to be used in the tightest of spaces, the main requirements are:

  • light handling
  • absolute reliability
  • safety
  • autoclavability
Medical Cables Operation

Special Designs for Special Requirements

HEW-KABEL develops and manufactures numerous specialty cables for medical devices and instruments for a variety of applications, mainly in the fields of diagnostics, surgery and patient monitoring.

Especially in medical applications, different tasks usually need to be performed at the same time. For example, in patient monitoring systems, various measurement results, such as ECG, blood pressure, SpO² (oxygen content in the blood) and body temperature must be evaluated and made available at the same time. In addition to the power supply, dental equipment must also have supply lines for air and water.

To offer a space- and cost-efficient solution for every task, we manufacture application-specific medical cables as hybrid cables and as miniature cables or flat cables for particularly compact devices.

Our medical cables are used amongst applications such as:

  • minimally invasive / robotic surgical techniques
  • high frequency surgery
  • endoscopy
  • CT, MRT and X-ray technology
  • SpO² sensors
  • defibrillators
  • dental technology
  • ECG and EEG devices

Cable construction, high-performance materials, special alloys and patented manufacturing techniques ensure maximum mechanical flexibility, extreme tensile strength, application-optimized haptics, sterilizability and biocompatibility, e.g. cytotoxicity according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 - and all this in the smallest dimensions possible.

Medical cables made by HEW are ...


Special materials, clever designs and innovative production processes guarantee interference-free, secure and fast transmission of data, signals and media.

Flexible and durable

Special designs and high-performance materials enable extremely high flexibility and mechanical resilience. As a result, our medical cables retain their full performance capability even under tension, friction, torsion or vibration.


Our cables and lines are ideally suited for regular disinfection and sterilization in the bustling hospital environment.

Application examples for our specialty cables in medical technology

Surgical Robotics

Technological progress is increasingly advancing into operating rooms. In the field of surgery in particular, robots have become valuable assistants to doctors. They make the smallest incisions with the utmost precision, guide endoscopes safely through the human body or suture open wounds.

With their reliable special cables for surgical robots, HEW-KABEL combines its experience in robotics with the special requirements of medical technology. The cable structures are based on the mechanical influences of robotics, such as traction or torsion, but are also optimized for use in medical technology. The results are highly flexible and biocompatible cables that combine fiber optics, coax elements, single conductors and strain relief. HEW-Silindo® ensures a smooth surface and enables more than 400 sterilization cycles.

Imaging Diagnostics

Using various imaging techniques, it is possible to generate high-resolution visual data of human organs and structures. For example, CT and MRI machines provide three-dimensional cross-sectional images in the shortest possible time, which a physician can observe closely on a monitor.

Highly efficient and flexible flat cables from HEW produce brilliant results.
Extremely bend-resistant designs with several million bending cycles and UL approval ensure above-average reliability and mechanical resistance. The simultaneous transmission of a wide variety of media and signals is made possible by the combination of fiber optic cables, tubing and electrical conductors.

Patient Monitoring

Monitoring systems must transmit patients' vital signs seamlessly and with 100% reliability. This also applies in hectic situations, such as in ambulances, helicopters or operating rooms. Mechanical effects on the connecting cable (friction, torsion, vibration) can lead to considerable interference and have a negative impact on signal quality.


The miniaturized low-noise cables developed by HEW are designed to reduce triboelectric and microphonic noise to a minimum in any situation.

The Ideal Material for Every Cable

Highly flexible copper wires

HEW manufactures both flexible and high-flexible copper wires in conductor classes 5, 6 and 7 as well as in numerous cross-sections.


Perfluoroethylene propylene copolymer is self-extinguishing in the event of fire. In addition to extremely high temperature and chemical resistance, it has very good electrical insulation properties, excellent weathering resistance, high notched impact strength and anti-adhesive behavior.

Silicone (HEW Silindo®)

Silicone is flexible and biocompatible. Therefore, silicone cables are often used in medical technology. With the Silindo® surface developed by HEW- KABEL, the conventional silicone haptics are even more effectively improved.