One Cable, Many Facets

Automated processes are crucial for modern production. Control cables can be found in almost all industrial applications. This connection is used to change the operating mode. Motors or valves are switched to a different operating mode or rather processes are initiated or brought to a halt. To put it simply: control cables transmit data and signals to individual receivers to control them. In the industrial environment, control cables require special features, such as high mechanical, chemical or thermal resistance.

Depending on the application, control cables differ not only in their structure, but also in the material from which they are made. While PUR control cables, for example, have excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals, silicone-insulated control cables perform better in applications that require unchanged flexibility even at extremely high or low temperatures. For a control cable that fulfills all requirements optimally, the right materials and, above all, their ideal preparation are needed in addition to sophisticated designs. The creation of special properties, such as permanent resistance to certain influences, requires highly specific knowledge and decades of experience. HEW-KABEL has both.

Everything Under Control - Even In Difficult Situations

HEW-KABEL develops and produces application-specific control cables according to the highest standards and according to different approvals, conformities, and customer specifications. Innovative cable designs combined with the best materials ensure the lossless and reliable transmission of data and signals in any environment.

Control cables from HEW are ideally suited for...

  • process control,
  • machine and plant construction,
  • robotics,
  • measurement and control technology
  • rail vehicles

HEW Control Cables Ensure A Smooth Process.
Our Solutions Are ...


  • excellent data and signal transmission
  • Excellent EMC compatibility


  • resistant to tensile and alternating bending
  • resistant to temperature and chemicals


  • highly flexible
  • space- and weight-saving

Powerful And Equipped With A Wide Range of Properties

The wide variety of applications requires special characteristics, which the cables must possess. To be able to guarantee safe and stable operation in the long term, the structure of the control cable as well as its material selection are precisely matched to the intended use.

Depending on the application and requirements, our control cables are resistant to:

  • mechanical influences such as bending, torsion, friction, vibration
  • electromagnetic interferences
  • liquids, oils, greases, chemicals
  • heat and/or cold
  • flames, flying sparks
  • effects of environmental factors such as UV radiation

Optimized Materials For Optimum Functions

The materials used by HEW-KABEL guarantee the reliability of our control cables, even in difficult situations.

Polyurethane (PUR)

This thermoplastic insulation and sheathing material meets the highest requirements for abrasion resistance, notch toughness and chemical resistance. In addition, it has a particularly high tear resistance, very good low-temperature flexibility, and good hydrolysis resistance.


The perfluoroethylene propylene copolymer, which is self-extinguishing in the event of fire, exhibits good electrical insulation properties, good resilience and anti-adhesive behavior in addition to extremely high temperature, chemical and weathering resistance.


Silicone is halogen-free and is characterized by its high temperature resistance as well as permanent flexibility.

Which Control Cable Is Best Suited For My Application?

You can find out in a personalized discussion with our experts. We will give you answers to your questions and consider not only the specific components but also all influencing factors and, if necessary, any special requirements. As a result, you will receive a control cable that perfectly meets your requirements.

In addition to the possibility of a completely new development, we have countless proven solutions at our disposal, for which in many cases only individual application-specific adaptations are necessary. This saves you not only time but also money.

Contact us and benefit from our experience and expertise.

Sample Solution: Control Cable For Robotics Applications

The highly flexible, bending and torsion resistant control cable is excellently suited for applications with continuous motion.

HEW-TPK-PE/TPE-E/TPE-U-Combination line – shielded
YHCYHY- Cu vz/vz 4x2x0,25 mm² (32x0,107 mm) 300V + Cu blk/vz 2x2x0,5 mm² (64x0,10 mm) 300V  
Resistance at 20 °C: max. 35 W/km (0,5 mm²)
max. 80,2 W/km (0,25 mm²)
Test Voltage (Ueff): 3,0 kV AC (Spark test)
4,0 kV AC (core/core)
2,0 kV AC (core/braid)
2,0 kV AC (braid/braid)
Operating Voltage: 300 V AC
Weight: 154 kg/km
Bending Radius: 5 x D (fixed installation)
7,5 x D (free movement)
Temperature Range: from -40 °C to +80 °C / 20.000 h (fixed installation)
from -25 °C to +80 °C / 20.000 h (free movement)

Sample Solution: Control Cable For Plant Engineering

Due to advantageous properties such as high resistance to vibration, splash water and dust, this control cable is ideal for use in plant engineering.

HEW-FEP/Silicone-cable – shielded
TEH(ST)CGLSIGLPSI- Cu vz/vz 35x2x0,5 mm² (28x0,15 mm)
Resistance at 20 °C: max. 40,1 W/km
Testing Voltage (Ueff): 2,0 kV AC (core/core)
1,5 kV AC (core/braid)
Operating Voltage: 600/1000 V AC
Weight: 1924 kg/km
Bending Radius: 7,5 x D (fixed installation)
15 x D (free movement)
Temperature Range: from -50 °C to +180 °C


Applications of Our Control Cables


Designed for continuous operation under the under the harshest conditions, flexible cables from HEW withstand all mechanical, chemical, and thermal stresses.

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