High-Temperature Cables

It can get quite hot on our planet. For example, the Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone reaches water temperatures of up to 237 degrees Celsius. And in Hawaii, lava temperatures of around 1,200 degrees Celsius have already been measured during volcanic eruptions of Kilauea or Mauna Loa.

While the temperatures mentioned above are of natural origin, the temperatures to which cables and wires are exposed in industrial environments often reach similar ranges in the environment of welding robots, inside production plants or heating elements. Here, particularly heat-resistant cables and wires are required that can fulfill their intended purpose to 100%, even under harsh and adverse conditions.

HEW - Your Partner for Heat-Resistant Cables

For applications exposed to temperatures from 150 °C upwards, HEW develops and manufactures high-temperature resistant cables that are used in demanding environments.

We offer a variety of high-temperature cables which include:

  • optimized silicone cables for application temperatures up to 200 °C,
  • glass-fiber cables for application temperatures up to 550°C as well as
  • extremely heat-resistant special cables for continuous temperatures of up to 800 °C or peak temperatures of up to 1550 °C.optimierte

In addition to their excellent thermal properties, our customized cable solutions meet the highest demands for flexibility, mechanical strength and extended service life.

Overview: Temperature and Material Properties
Overview: Temperature and Material Properties


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High temperature cables from HEW are...

Heat Resistant

  • Silicone 200°C (3000h)
  • PFA 260°C (3000h)
  • PTFE 300°C (3000h)


  • resistant to pulling and alternating bending
  • torsion resistant
  • chemical and oil resistant


  • safe insulation resistances
  • excellent EMC compatibility
  • excellent data, energy and media transmission

Heat-Resistant Cables for A Wide Range of Applications

Our heat-resistant cables and connecting wires are mainly used in industrial environments. Among the most prominent areas of application are

  • Machinery, plant and equipment
  • Wind energy plants
  • Railroad technology
  • Heating technology
  • Automotive engineering
  • Lighting technology
  • metallurgical, steel and hot rolling mills
Railroad cable Wind power cable

The Combination Matters

Our silicone cables are optimized in terms of temperature resistance and can be used for applications up to 200 °C. Within dry environments, our glass fibre cables ensure temperature resistance up to 550 °C.

For higher temperatures and special requirements, HEW offers custom cable designs with high-performance materials, such as ceramic-based, that can withstand continuous temperature stresses of up to 800 °C or short-term peak temperatures of up to 1,550 °C.

By combining different materials with each other, the areas of application can be expanded. For example, glass fiber in combination with materials such as PTFE or FEP enables use in humid environments with very good dielectric strength.

In addition to the materials mentioned, HEW-KABEL's portfolio includes numerous other thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastics and a wide range of high-grade materials.

The Optimum Material for Every Cable

The materials used by HEW-KABEL ensure excellent performance of the high-temperature cables even under extreme working conditions.

Glass Fibre

Glass fibre offers excellent temperature resistance, high aging resistance as well as high mechanical strength.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

PTFE is extremely resistant to high temperatures and chemicals, has good electrical insulating properties, excellent weathering resistance, high impact strength and anti-adhesive properties.


Silicone is halogen-free and characterized by high temperature resistance combined with permanent flexibility.

The Right Solution for Every Application

High-temperature cables are required in numerous industries in a variety of ways. Therefore, we can only present a small selection of possible solutions to you in this section.

However, due to our excellent material expertise and patented manufacturing processes, we are in the position to create custom heat-resistant cables for almost any task and according to your requirements. Whether heavy-duty, halogen-free, flame-retardant or self-extinguishing - tell us your individual requirements and we will develop the perfect solution for you.

Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you.

Exemplary Connector Solution for the Transmission of Load Currents in Railroads

Our temperature-resistant connecting cables for the transmission of load currents in railroads exhibit high flexibility and mechanical strength even at sub-zero temperatures. The cables can be easily processed with standard tools.


HEW silicone wire - shielded
SICSI- Cu vz/vz 35 mm² (493x0,301 mm) 0,6/1 kV
Resistance at 20°C: max. 0.565 W/km
Test Voltage (Ueff): 1.5 kV AC (core/core)
Operating Voltage: 600/1000 V AC (U0/U)
Weight: 565 kg/km
Bending Radius: 7.5 x D (fixed installation)
15 x D (free movement)
Temperature Range: from -50°C to +180°C

Exemplary Connector Solution for Lighting Technology

HEW offers customized glass fibre cables for the safe connection of lighting technology. The combination of selected materials guarantees a very high resistance to cold and heat as well as a high resistance against chemicals.


HEW PTFE/ Glass fibre core
TEGL- Cu vn 1,5 mm² (48x0,203 mm) E
Resistance at 20°C: max. 13.7 W/km
Test Voltage (Ueff): 3.4 kV AC (Sparktest)
Operating Voltage (Ueff): 600 V AC
Weight: 23.8 kg/km
Bending Radius: 7.5 x D (fixed installation)
15 x D (free movement)
Temperature Range: from -190 °C to +260°C
to +300 °C/ 3.000 h

Exemplary Connector Solution for Heating Elements

Our connection cables for heating elements fulfill important properties, such as a very high temperature resistance. They are also mechanically resilient and resistant to chemicals.


HEW Mica/Glass Fibre Core
GLIGLP- RNi/V4A 4 mm² (56x0,3 mm) 380 V
Resistance at 20°C:

max. 25 W/km

Test Voltage (Ueff): 2.0 kV AC (Spark test)
Operating Voltage (Ueff): 380 V AC
Weight: 79 kg/km
Bending Radius: 7.5 x D (fixed installation)
15 x D (free movement)
Temperature Range: to +400°C
to +500°C (fixed installartion, without mechanical load)

Applications of Our Heat Resistant Cables


HEW's special heat-resistant cables withstand all mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses under the toughest conditions.

Wind power

We develop torsion- and temperature-resistant specialty cables for use in wind turbines. They are assembled ready for use by our subsidiary robotic solutions.


HEW develops and produces customer-specific specialty cables and wires for high volume production, such as high-temperature resistant connecting cables for brake wear indicators or heating cables.