HEW Miniature Cables

HEW develops and produces application-specific miniature cables with cross-sections up to AWG56 (ø ≈ 0.0125 mm) as well as micro-coaxial cables up to AWG46 (ø ≈ 0.0399 mm). 

What is barely visible to the eye has a lot going for it:

Designed as single cables or multi-coaxial cables, as ribbon or hybrid cables, our highly specialized mini-cables fulfil important functions, such as the absolutely reliable and interference-free transmission of various data in real time or the simultaneous transmission of data, light, liquids and electricity.


The use of high-performance materials and special alloys ensures mechanical robustness, while special shielding guarantees optimum EMC properties.

Mini Cable Miniature Cable
Miniature Cable Medicine Cable

The trend towards miniaturisation

In the course of technical developments, a clear trend towards miniaturization is emerging. Across all industries and applications, devices and components are not only becoming lighter and more compact, but also increasingly being equipped with more functions, electronics, sensors and capabilities for information processing. One consequence of these developments is the need for ever smaller cables in the face of simultaneously increasing demands on performance, reliability and mechanical robustness over long periods of time. 


Mini Cables for highly sensitive Applications

Our microscopic cables are mainly used in medical technology and industrial 
. Outstanding areas of application include highly sensitive applications such as


  • Endoscopy
  • High frequency surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques
  • Miniaturised measurement and control technology
  • Miniaturised inspection systems
  • Robotics and industrial automation
Miniature Cable

Miniature cables from HEW are...

Highly flexible

due to the use of high-performance materials, such as

  • Copper (alloys),
  • Fibre optic cables,
  • Special Compounds

EMC safe

due to special shielding e.g.

  • Tinned copper wire braid
  • Copper wire rerouting with a high coverage of 92 to 95 %
  • Wrapping with metal-coated foils

Microscopically small

  • Miniature cables up to AWG56
  • Mini coaxial cables up to AWG46
Miniature cables

Miniature cables: The supreme discipline of cable production

Miniature cables have no room for error. The smallest deviations during production can have fatal consequences for later operation. Therefore, the production of miniaturized cables, especially in the field of medical technology, is subject to strict guidelines. 

We at HEW are aware of the great responsibility we have and use only specially trained personnel, specially developed production equipment and methods as well as high-performance materials for the development and production of miniature cables.

In order to offer a fail-safe function over the entire life cycle, both the structure of each
micro cable and its material selection are precisely matched to the intended use

Absolute precision, precisely tailored developments and product quality give users the reassuring feeling of maximum reliability and safety.

Advantages at a glance

  • Specialised know-how, precision and product safety
  • Individualised machines and production methods
  • High-tech materials
  • Competence in dealing with innovative special materials
  • Application-optimised cable properties and designs
  • Best practice solutions
  • Small batches
Miniature cables Stranded

The optimum high-tech material for every cable

The materials used by HEW-KABEL ensure optimum function of the miniature cables even under extreme operating conditions.

Highly flexible conducters

HEW manufactures both flexible and highly flexible copper cables as well as special copper alloys.

If required, fibre optic cables are also used.

Special shielding

Braids made of high-strength copper alloys, wrappings with specially braided individual wires or sheathing with metal-coated foils guarantee the best EMC properties.

Precisely fitting insulation

Whether fluoropolymers, thermoplastics, high-performance thermoplastics, silicones or glass silk – HEW has the optimum insulation and sheathing material for your application. 

The right solution for every application

As already mentioned, miniature cables are needed in all kinds of industries and applications nowadays.
Therefore, we can only present a small excerpt of possible areas of application here.

However, due to our excellent material competence and patented manufacturing processes, we are able 
to create miniature cables for almost any task and according to your requirements.

Please get in touch with us. We love to answer your questions.

Example application in MEDICINE

Technological progress is increasingly penetrating operating theaters. Especially in the field of surgery, robots have become valuable assistants to doctors. In the reliable miniature cables for surgical robots, HEW-KABEL combines experience from robotics with the special requirements of medical technology

The cable structures are based on the mechanical influences of robotics, such as tension or torsion, but are also optimized for use in medical technology. This results in, for example, highly flexible and biocompatible miniature hybrid cables that provide both excellent signal transmission and power transfer. HEW-Silindo® provides a smooth surface and allows more than 500 sterilization cycles. 

HEW-PFA/Silindo® combination cable -shielded-
TEHCSI- Cu vs/vs 2xAWG 28 (19x0.08 mm) 30 V = Databus
+ Alloy vs 2xAWG 32 (19x0.05 mm) 30 V = 3.7 V + UART
+ Alloy vs 1xAWG 30 (19x0.064 mm) 30 V = Power 1.8 V
+ Drain wire alloy vs AWG 30 (19x0.064 mm) = Alloy vs / s.p.
Bending radius: 5 x D (fixed installation)
10 x D (free movement)
Flexural strength:

Bending angle    ± 90°
Bending rate    1 bend every 3 sec.
Bending radius    3.5 mm (no weight)
Number of bends     >80,000

Temperature range:  -50°C to +180°C

Example application in METROLOGY

The measurement and control technology sector is also following the trend towards miniaturization of components.
In ever more powerful devices, increasing amounts of data are being processed and visually displayed in ever shorter times. Our mechanically resilient miniature cables unite interference-free and low-noise transmission of signals, data and images under a common sheath.

HEW PTFE/PFA/FPM/V4A coaxial combination line
TECTEHRP - alloy vs 1xAWG 34 + Alloy vs/Cu vs 8xAWG 34 coax
Noise value drop test: max. 4 pC*
Noise value bend test: max. 1 pC*
Bending radius: 7.5 x D (fixed installation)
15 x D (free movement)
Temperature range:  from/up to -20°C to/up to +200°C

*according to Kistler standard 200.005.419, tested on the individual coaxial elements

Applications of Our Miniature Cables


Designed for continuous operation under the toughest conditions, flexible robotics cables from HEW withstand all mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses.

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Wind power

For use in wind turbines, we develop flexible special cables which our subsidiary robotic solutions assembles ready for use. 

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Highly efficient and flexible cables with bend-resistant designs ensure above-average reliability and mechanical resistance.

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