Acting responsibly and creating sustainable value when implementing the wishes and needs of our customers is an integral part of our corporate culture as well as the daily work in our company. The most important component is compliance with ethical principles, legal requirements, internal company regulations and shared values.

We strive for open and trusting communication with customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

If, despite all measures, there are violations of rules and laws, we want to identify them and take appropriate action.

The anonymous hotline is available to employees as well as customers, suppliers and other stakeholders for reporting incidents. Information can be reported anonymously or by name around the clock. We treat all questions and tips received confidentially and do not tolerate any disadvantages or consequences for people who make a report. We carefully and comprehensively review every tip received.

We use the EQS Group AG system for this purpose.

Further information

The anonymous hotline can be used for reports of serious violations of rules and laws. The system is not to be used for any other kind of reports.

If incomplete or incorrect information has been entered and this is to be corrected, we ask that a new tip be created with the reference to the older tip. It is possible, if desired, to create an anonymous mailbox when submitting the notice. In this way, any queries that may arise can also be answered anonymously.

Information can be reported via the anonymous hotline.

We ask that you describe the suspicion as precisely as possible. If documents are available, please attach them. Only sufficiently concrete tips and evidence can help to provide proof and make a difference.