In the Name of Sustainability

As a globally active manufacturer of special cables, we are aware of our corporate responsibility towards the environment and society. The principles of responsible corporate management, energy and environmental protection, and support for our employees are therefore an integral part of the HEW-KABEL group's corporate policy.


For Our Customers

  • A lasting customer satisfaction is our philosophy.
  • The high quality of our products and services, transparency in line with our corporate governance principles and strict adherence to agreements earn us the appreciation of our business partners.
  • To secure our future in the long term, we provide for qualified junior staff at an early stage to secure and expand our special know-how.
  • We want to support our customers in using environmentally friendly and energy-efficient cables that also offer reduced CO2 emissions and greater safety.

For Our Employees

  • The safety of our employees in particular, of course, is of the utmost importance to us. We continuously improve this in the workplace, regularly raise awareness of EHS issues and in this way reduce the accident rate in the process.
  • We promote individual potential and prepare our employees specifically for (new) tasks. In doing so, we continuously promote their professional and personal skills.
  • "Work-life balance" is also particularly close to our hearts: In addition to professional and personal development, we support our employees in balancing their professional and personal lives.
  • Our social benefits go far beyond the "norm". People of any race, nationality, religion, and gender always treat each other with respect and fairness.
  • This is because each of our employees contributes to the company's success based on solidarity. For us, social sustainability means creating a balance between give and take. For this reason, we specifically support projects in the region - all in the spirit of reliable social responsibility.

For Energy & Environment

  • Our goal: to achieve as much as possible with a minimum use of resources. In close cooperation with our customers and suppliers, we therefore develop individual solutions to improve product properties and efficiency.
  • We want to reduce our consumption of energy and raw materials and avoid waste, noise emissions and pollutants whenever possible.
  • Waste and scrap are separated by type and recycled as far as possible, excess packaging materials are taken away by a specialist waste management company for recycling or demonstrably disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • We support our customers by jointly developing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient cables and lines that simultaneously offer reduced CO₂ emissions and greater safety.
Sustainability Energy

Our Concept

In 2006, the EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) department was implemented, introducing a new tool for managing the environmental and occupational health and safety areas in accordance with the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. The next goal is to move towards an IMS (integrated management system), while keeping in close cooperation with the existing quality management system.

EHS Guidelines

We recognize our responsibility to our environment and the communities in which we live. We work safely so that the health and well-being of individuals is promoted, maintained and the environment is protected. We strive to help transform this environment for the better!

EHS Strategy

As an internationally operational group of companies, we see ourselves as having a special responsibility towards long-term challenges, such as limited resources, climate change and demographic developments. We act safely, preventively, and responsibly and communicate openly in all directions. Compliance with legal requirements is a fundamental matter of policy for us. We secure the future of our company through sustainability. In doing so, we harmonize economic, ecological, and social requirements and accept responsibility. The safety of our employees and active, forward-looking health and environmental management are top priorities. Our commitment in these areas simultaneously strengthens the competitiveness of our customers and creates an excellent basis for future success.

EHS Guidelines

We define binding guidelines and principles for the management system. These guidelines are intended to support all organizational units in complying with legal and other relevant requirements, in implementing company regulations, and in achieving EHS goals.

The structure of the guidelines is based on the following internationally recognized standards for management systems:

  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
  • OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • ISO 50001 - Energy Management

Economic activity and innovative design are often associated with interventions in nature. As part of the global, ecological system, we see our daily actions as a contribution to maintaining the ecological balance and preserving the diversity of species in this ecosystem. As a commercial enterprise, we acknowledge our special responsibility and want to fulfill our contribution to the preservation of natural living conditions.

For this reason, HEW-KABEL has introduced an efficient environmental management system in accordance with the international standard DIN ISO 14001. This system brings about continuous improvements in environmental performance and protection. We monitor compliance with effectiveness through regular audits.

We strive for effective yet safe-to-process, environmentally compatible solutions for our products. Therefore, environmental aspects, occupational safety and product safety are integral parts of our product development process and an important topic for our research & development. We make use of all the technologies available today and conduct basic research ourselves to generate innovations that meet our high standards. Criteria include low emissions, low energy consumption and the avoidance of environmentally harmful substances. For new products and production processes, we take environmental protection requirements into account at all stages, from development to testing. As early as the planning stage of production processes and in the installation and operation of our technical facilities, we endeavor to use only the best available technology. Furthermore, we utilize all possibilities to save energy and raw materials, to prevent, minimize or reuse pollutants and noise emissions as well as waste. In addition, we recycle materials in a suitable manner and properly dispose of waste that can no longer be reused. On our own responsibility, we monitor and control plants and processes as well as air, water, soil, waste, and noise.

Our goal is to protect our employees from health hazards and to protect the sites and their surroundings from damage. Within our value creation processes, we not only meet the legal requirements, but also exceed them in many areas. In addition, we have voluntarily pledged to comply with further-reaching standards of sustainable corporate governance.

Every employee in our company is urged to make an active contribution to environmental protection. We encourage our employees to act in an environmentally friendly manner by providing information and training. All workplaces are designed to offer preventive protection for the health and safety of employees. Our employees are continuously reminded of their personal responsibility in carrying out their activities in a safe manner. We create incentives for innovation and improvement through an engaging and motivating "company suggestion scheme".

We constantly maintain an open dialog with politicians, authorities, the public and social groups - we develop and maintain partnerships.

HEW-KABEL wants to make a further contribution to resource conservation and climate protection through the energy management system. The management system applies to all employees. This applies from the delivery of raw materials all the way to the shippable product.

We are committed to continuously improving our energy efficiency. To this end, we provide all necessary resources (personnel, time, finances) and all relevant information. Regular assessments of our energy-intensive machinery, equipment and processes are carried out to identify any potential savings. In addition, we examine the use of new, energy-saving technologies.

All decisions taken to improve the company's energy efficiency are recorded. Implementation is continuously monitored and checked for sustainability.

We are also committed to taking energy efficiency into account as a decision-making criterion when purchasing new machinery and equipment and optimizing existing ones.

Furthermore, we are committed to complying with all laws relevant to our energy-related performance. In addition, we comply with agreements we have made with other parties, e.g., authorities, customers, and suppliers, regarding energy consumption.

Employees, suppliers, and customers are informed as far as possible about our activities regarding energy efficiency and - as far as it is feasible - involved. Our energy policy is communicated internally and externally.

Every employee carries the responsibility for acting in an energy-conscious manner. We call on everyone to initiate innovations for energy efficiency and to always support them.