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Cable solutions for robotics

When it comes to the internal or external cabling of your industrial robots, HEW-KABEL is at your disposal quickly and flexibly - with customer-specific all-in-one solutions that have been specially developed for the extreme operating conditions of robot-based automation.



Everything from One Source

Based on more than 50 years of experience, we offer robust and durable cabling solutions for all common robot types such as ...

  • Articulated robots
  • Collaborating robots
  • Painting robots
  • Welding robots

Our Delivery Program Includes...

Data Cables

  • Shielded lines for different protocols
  • Transmission of data in a bus system
  • Bidirectional connection
  • Control of the drive

Control Cables

  • Control of actuators (motors)
  • Signal transmission sensors
  • Unidirectional connection

Servo Cables / Power Cables

  • Power supply of the motors for the movement of up to 6 axes
  • Transmission of power currents

Hybrid Cables

  • Combination of different applications in one cable
  • For example control and power line combined

Specific Cables Depending on the Type of Robot

We offer customer-specific special cables starting at 100 m purchase quantity.


Engineered for peak performance that meets your needs.

HEW-KABEL cables are designed for continuous operation under the toughest environmental conditions and can withstand all mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses.

  • mechanically highly stressable
  • resistant to bending
  • torsion-resistant
  • temperature resistant
  • oil and chemical resistant
  • resistant to welding beads
  • tested and certified

More Resilient, More Flexible, More Durable

We make the components of your robot more resistant than ever before! For best results we design and plan your needed parts according exactly to your requirements.

All common robot types in the automotive and supplier industry benefit from our product range.

Our Products in Action

1. Power supply of motors

2. Control of actuators

3. Transmission of sensor signals

robotic solutions

We are your experts for robotics

For the external cabling of industrial robots, HEW develops and produces special cables that are assembled perfectly ready for use by our subsidiary robotic solutions to meet the customer's requirements.

robotic solutions is dedicated exclusively to robotics. Whether system boxes, cable protection hoses or robot cables - benefit from sophisticated solutions with valuable extras.

In addition to supplying individual components for robots, robotic solutions manufactures complete dress packs and integrates them into your systems.

System boxes from robotic solutions are...

  • stable
  • flexible
  • space-saving

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Robotic Solutions

Our Delivery Program Includes...

  • One system box for all industrial robots
  • Optimal guidance of the energy packages
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Quick change of the energy supply system
  • Easy exchange of the coil pack
  • Minimal operating noise
  • Primary cables
  • Bus cables
  • Motor cables
  • Servo cables
  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • High abrasion resistance, highest flexibility
  • For applications from -50°C to +150°C
  • Free from paint dulling substances
  • Silicone-free, UV-resistant, flexible at low temperatures
  • Permanently resistant to oils, oxygen, ozone, acids and diluted alkalis
  • Silicone-free, UV-resistant, flexible at low temperatures
  • Permanently resistant to oils, oxygen, ozone, acids and diluted alkalis
  • Engineering from analysis to prototyping
  • Installation and assembly
  • Optimization and approval of the energy supply systems on site

The Perfect Cable for You

Single- or multi-core, shielded or unshielded cables with material combinations of fluoropolymers, thermoplastics, silicone or special materials enable customer-specific solutions for safe connections.

Please get in tocuh with us. We will find the perfect solution!