Environmental Management

Sustainable Development

Environmental Policy - ISO 14001

Economic activity and innovative design often go hand in hand with interventions in nature’s processes. As part of the global ecological system we conceive of our daily activities as a contribution to the maintenance of the ecological balance and the preservation of biodiversity within this system. As a commercial enterprise we acknowledge our special responsibility and are prepared to do our share to preserve the natural conditions of life.

For this reason, HEW-KABEL has introduced an efficient environmental management system in accordance with the international DIN ISO 14001 standard. This system ensures continual improvements in environmental performance and environmental protection. We monitor its effectiveness with regular audits.

We strive to develop effective and, at the same time, reliable, environmentally friendly solutions for our products. That’s why environmental considerations and occupational and product safety form an integral part of our product development process and are a key issue for our R&D team. We leverage all currently available technologies and conduct our own basic research to develop innovations that satisfy our high standards. Criteria include low emissions, low energy consumption, and avoiding the use of polluting materials. As regards new products and production methods we already begin taking the demands of environmental protection into account in the development and testing phase. In the planning of our production methods as well as the installation and operation of our technical equipment, we strive to employ only the best available technology. We, moreover, take advantage of every opportunity to conserve energy and raw materials to avoid or reduce pollutants and noise emission, and to recycle waste. We utilize reusable material in the appropriate manner and dispose of no longer usable materials in accordance with the regulations. We proactively monitor and control our technical systems and methods as well as the air, water, soil, waste and noise.

We aim to protect our employees from health impairments and our locations and their environment from damage. Within our value creation process we not only meet the legal requirements, but impose even more stringent standards on ourselves in many areas of our own accord. We have, moreover, voluntarily committed ourselves to adhere to more demanding standards of sustainable corporate management than are required by law.

Every one of our company’s employees is expected to contribute actively to environmental protection. We encourage environmental action on the part of our employees by providing information and training courses. All of our workplaces are geared to the preventive protection of our employees’ health and safety. Our employees are continually reminded of their responsibility to perform their activities safely. We create incentives for innovation and improvement by means of an attractive and motivating “company suggestion scheme”.

We conduct a constant and open dialog with politics, the authorities, the public and various groups of the society – we develop and cultivate partnerships.

Certificate: ISO 14001 (Environmental Policy)

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